5 mates setting off on a 110km walk from Wandin north to Sorrento on September 12th 2020. The aim is to raise much needed awareness for men’s mental health. For too long men have found it hard to speak up when they are struggling because of the stigma that surrounds mental health. Men need to know they aren’t alone and can talk about their problems and feelings without being judged.

This walk for mens mental health carries very little overhead cost, many people are donating their time and services to make this happen, that means 100% of the proceeds will be donated to beyond blue. Beyond Blue is a trusted source of information and support on suicide prevention, we provide information to people at risk of suicide or who have attempted to take their life with support options, and give practical advice for people worried about someone they think might be suicidal on how to help. We know it’s hard — maybe the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but talking to someone about suicide could be one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have. If you're worried about someone, simply letting them know you care can make a huge difference.

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Meet the guys who will be embarking on the walk for mens mental health



Civil Maintenance/Construction

I’m doing this walk because I have had my own personal issues with anxiety and anger. And had two mates take their own lives when I was 20. Let’s break down the stigma against men’s mental health together, and show that it’s not weak to speak.

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Civil Water

I’m doing this walk for my dad who was diagnosed with depression about 8 months ago. Also hoping to achieve to spread awareness of men’s mental health to my generation.



Fitter and Turner/Engineering

Growing up in an era where men/boys weren’t supported at an emotional level or encouraged to speak openly to each other, I personally dealt with what I now understand to be levels of anxiety, and had a couple of mates lose their battle to suicide. This walk to me is about encouraging not only the youth of today, but men, that it is ok to hurt, it’s ok to show weakness. As we are all fathers of boys I couldn’t be prouder of the examples we are setting.
We’re in this together, we’re in this to walk it off.




I am doing this walk to help spread awareness for men’s mental health.
As the father of 3 young boys, I feel this is especially important to me. We need to break the cycle, and ensure future generations realise that it is ok to speak out and ask for help when they need it.


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